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Zeros in Chinese

Numbers can be easy or difficult in Chinese. Easy for smaller numbers. Difficult for big numbers. Not to mention a big number with a bunch “zeros” in it!

So….how do you say 10001? 20500? 6401001? Don’t worry, we show you how.

There are 5 sections in the infographic,

  1. How to say the “First 9 numbers in hundreds” with zeros.
  2. How to say the “Rest of the numbers with zero in hundreds.”
  3. How to say a number with zeros “After one thousand.”
  4. When you hear a big number in Chinese with zeros, how to write it down in Chinese characters? We teach a step by step method!
  5. We’ve also included 4 self-quizzing questions (with answers).

A friendly note for dear readers, if you are not familiar with “big numbers in Chinese,” check out the infographic here.   

Also, see this post to learn basic numbers in Chinese.



Simplified Chinese Version


Video Credit to Carol from

Voice over: Carol



Traditional Chinese Version

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