YCT 2 Vocabulary (Part 6)

This is the last infographic is the last one of this series. In this YCT 2 Vocabulary (Part 6) infographic, there are ~30 words. We put these vocabulary in three groups.


The first group contains body motion verbs,

去 qù to go,

来 lái to come,

做 zuò to do,

坐 zuò to sit,

买 mǎi to buy,

画 huà to draw,

说话 shuōhuà to speak,

玩 wán to play,

学习 xuéxí to study,

睡觉 shuìjiào to sleep,

起床 qǐchuáng to get up,

打电话 dǎ diànhuà to call,

认识 rènshi to know.


The second group contains verbs,

是 shì to be,

有 yǒu to have,

看 kàn to see;to watch,

叫 jiào to be;to call,

觉得 juéde to think.


And the last group are the rest of the vocabulary from YCT 2,

和 hé and,

比 bǐ than,

吗 ma for question,

了 le for grammar,

呢 ne for question

会 huì can,

要 yào have;need,

可以 kěyǐ can.



Please note:

The vocabulary in black are the vocabulary from YCT 1.

The vocabulary in blue are the NEW vocabulary from YCT 2.


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