YCT 2 Vocabulary (Part 3)

In this YCT 2 Vocabulary (Part 3) infographic, there are ~25 words. We put these vocabulary in two groups and a connector word between the first and the second group.

The first group contains vocabulary about persons or people, including

爸爸 bàba father/dad,

妈妈 māma mother/mom,

哥哥 gēge old brother,

姐姐 jiějie old sister,

老师 lǎoshī teacher,

弟弟 dìdi young brother,

妹妹 mèimei young sister,

同学 tóngxué classmate,

学生 xuésheng student,

朋友 péngyou friend,

医生 yīshēng doctor,

and 中国人 Zhōngguórén Chinese people.

The connected word is 在 zài at/in/on.

The second group contains vocabulary about location and direction, including

家 jiā home,

学校 xuéxiào school,

商店 shāngdiàn shop/store,

这(这儿)zhè(zhèr) here,

那(那儿)nà(nàr) there,

房间 fángjiān room,

医院 yīyuàn hospital,

里面 lǐmiàn inner,

上边 shàngbian top,

and 哪(哪儿)nǎ(nǎr) where.


Please note:

The vocabulary in black are the vocabulary from YCT 1.

The vocabulary in blue are the NEW vocabulary from YCT 2.


As we were making this infographic, we realized that there are many ways to organize the vocabulary. We’ve decided to arrange them in groups as a memory aid.




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