YCT 2 Vocabulary (Part 2)

In this YCT 2 Vocabulary (Part 2) infographic, we included 25+ words. We’ve set these vocabulary in three groups.

The first group includes

吃 chī to eat,

喝 hē to drink,

水 shuǐ water,

牛奶 niúnǎi milk,

米饭 mǐfàn rice,

面条 miàntiáo noodle,

包子 bāozi steamed stuffed bun,

香蕉 xiāngjiāo banana,

茶 chá tea

and 苹果 píngguǒ apple.


The second group includes

爱 ài to love,

喜欢 xǐhuan to like,

谁 sheí who;whom,

什么 shénme what,

and 鱼 yú fish.


The third group contains vocabulary about time, and includes

今天 jīntiān today,

明天 míngtiān tomorrow,

现在 xiànzài now,

月 yuè month,

号 hào date,

星期 xīngqī week, 点 diǎn clock,

年 nián year,

分钟 fēnzhōng minute,

昨天 zuótiān yesterday,

早上 zǎoshang morning,

and 晚上 wǎnshang evening


Please note:

The vocabulary in black are the vocabulary from YCT 1.

The vocabulary in blue are the NEW vocabulary from YCT 2.


As we were making this infographic, we realized that there are many ways to organize the vocabulary. We’ve decided to arrange them in groups as a memory aid.


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