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YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 4)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 4)

This is the last infographic of YCT 1 Vocabulary. In this YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 4) infographic, we’ve included the remaining vocabulary for YCT 1, which is about 15 words.

These vocabulary words are 谢谢 xièxie thank you / thanks, 再见 zàijiàn goodbye, 好 hǎo good, 多 duō much, 高兴 gāoxìng happy, 不 bù not / no, 很 hěn very, 吗 ma for question, 和 hé and, 个 gè used before nouns without special measure words of their own, 岁 suì used for age, 几 jǐ many / much, 是 shì to be, 去 qù to go, 看 kàn to see;to watch, 叫 jiào to be / to call and 有 yǒu to have.


YCT 1 vocabulary (part 4) Infographic

YCT 1 vocabulary (part 4) Infographic

YCT 1 Vocabulary List

There is about 80 vocabulary at this level.

YCT 1 vocabulary list PDF

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