YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 3)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 3)

 If you’ve missed the first two parts, scroll down for the links. In this YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 3) infographic, there are 20+ words. We put these vocabulary in three groups and a connector word between the first and the second group.

Group One

The first group contains vocabulary about persons or people, including

爸爸 bàba father/dad,

妈妈 māma mother/mom,

哥哥 gēge old brother,

姐姐 jiějie old sister,

老师 lǎoshī teacher and

中国人 Zhōngguórén Chinese people.


The connected word is 在 zài at/in/on.

Group Two

The second group contains vocabulary about location, including

家 jiā home,

学校 xuéxiào school,

商店 shāngdiàn shop; store,

这(这儿)zhè(zhèr) here,

那(那儿)nà(nàr) there and

哪(哪儿)nǎ(nǎr) where.

Group Three

The third group contains the numbers from 1-10. They are

一 yī one,

二 èr two,

三 sān three,

四 sì four,

五 wǔ five,

六 liù six,

七 qī seven,

八 bā eight,

九 jiǔ nine and

十 shí ten.

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YCT 1 Vocabulary List

There is about 80 vocabulary at this level.

YCT 1 vocabulary list PDF

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 3) Infographic

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 3) Infographic


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