How to Protect Yourself From the Coronavirus

How to protect yourself from the Coronavirus?

How to protect yourself from the Coronavirus? This news terrifies most of us. How to protect yourself has become the most important and immediate lesson to learn. We have made a clear and simple infographic for you to follow. Protect yourself and please share the instructions to protect your friends, family, and people around you.

We also make an infographic of Must-Know Vocabulary For Coronavirus! Scroll down to learn them!

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Wash Hands

Wash hands

Wash your hands constantly. After going to any public places, wash your hands with soap. After touching raw food and animals, wash your hands with soap. If you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with your hands and wash them with soap right after.


Wear Masks

wear masks

Wear a mask when you go out in public places. There are two specific kinds of masks that can especially protect you from the Wuhan coronavirus: N95 masks, and surgical masks. Both of them can reduce the chance of spreading airborne diseases. 


Use Hand Sanitizer 

Use Hand Sanitizer

Carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer with you can also help. Whenever you are out and about, and it’s not easy to find a place to wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer instead. What I do is that I have a big bottle at home and a small bottle with me. I can share it with my friends and family if they do not have any. 


Stay at Home

Stay at Home

If it is not necessary to go out, staying at home will be the best option. Reducing the chance of having physical contact with people will help tremendously. 



Don’t Touch nose, mouth, and eyes

Don't Touch nose, mouth, and eyes

DO NOT touch your nose, mouth, and eyes with your dirty hands. 


Don’t Eat Raw foods

Don't Eat Raw foods

Do not eat raw foods. Make sure the food you eat is fully cooked. 


Don’t Go to Indoor Public Areas

Don't Go to Indoor Public Areas

If it is not necessary, do not go to the indoor public areas. Especially those places that will have a lot of people, like hospitals, stations, restaurants, and indoor playgrounds.


Check out the infographic below. It helps you to know the dos and don’ts. Share it with your family and friends. Protect yourself and the ones you love and care for. 


Must-Know Vocabulary For Coronavirus List

湖北省 Húběi shěng

Hubei Province

武汉 Wǔhàn


新型冠状病毒 xīnxíng guānzhuàng bìngdú

Novel coronavirus

肺炎 fèiyán


病毒 bìngdú


世界卫生组织 shìjiè wèishēng zǔ zhi

World Health Organization (WHO)

扩散 kuòsàn


疫情 yìqíng


症状 zhèngzhuàng


发烧 fāshāo


咳嗽 késòu


隔离 gélí

Isolation/ Quarantine

口罩 kǒuzhào


酒精 jiǔjīng


肥皂 féizào

Soap bar

洗手 xǐshǒu

Wash hands


Must-Know Vocabulary For Coronavirus Infographic

Must-Know Vocabulary For Coronavirus Infographic


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