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Valentine’s Day – Related Vocabulary

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! We made a fun infographic to teach you some things about this special day.

There is also a chinese Valentine’s Day which falls on the 7th of July on the lunar calendar. The day is called “七夕 qī xì.”

Five commonly used words for this day are flower, chocolate, love letter, present and ring! We teach you how to say them in Chinese!

For the advanced, there are three idioms to learn! Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Do you think you and your partner are perfect for each other? Or have you had a bad experience in a relationship? These idioms will help you describe these concepts!

Would like to confess your love or propose on this special day? The most simple way to do so is by telling him or her how you feel! Check out the infographic and tell the person you love!


Simplified Chinese Version



Traditional Chinese Version




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