Upcoming infographics on the agenda (Now until June 2019)


  1. Thanks for all the great work! Please also consider making the following grammar infographics:

    1. usage of 把

    2. usage of 和

    3. usage of adjectives in Chinese + 是

  2. Could you please make more Idiom infographics?

    We need idioms for writing an opinion essay in the Pre U exam. I have seen weather and emotion related idioms so far, and food related on the way. Please make more so that I can share with my students for them to practise in their writing.


  3. 1. Blog post format from a popular Chinese social media site Language such as post, comment, share, profile etc.
    2. Common email format in China
    3. website language that is common to most web pages e.g. click, download, Home, About, FAQ, Contact, search, news etc.

  4. I would love to see an infographic on all of the words for ‘and’ in Chinese. 和,跟,与,以及,而且,及其,然后(in some cases), 并且,暨,亦 etc.

  5. I agree with the 二 vs. 两 to help my middle schoolers.
    Also some about Chinese holidays for culture: 春节,中秋节,端午节, etc.

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