Upcoming infographics on the agenda (Now until June 2019)

  • HSK 2 vocabulary series
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3…
  • YCT 1 vocabulary series
    • Part 1 (Released on Oct. 30, 2018)
    • Part 2 (Released on Nov. 8, 2018)
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
  • YCT 2 vocabulary series
  • 也 (yě) too also Grammar (Released on Oct. 20, 2018)
  • 的 (de) possession and ownership Grammar (Released on Nov. 1, 2018)
  • Weather-Related Chinese idioms (Released on Nov. 4, 2018)
  • Food-Related Chinese idioms
  • How To Write A Postal Address In Chinese
  • Animal sounds
  • Affirmative + Negative A-not-A Questions Grammar
  • 有 (you) to have and to exist Grammar
  • Numbers in Chinese (1 to 100)
  • 二 and 两 two Grammar
  • Zeros in Chinese
  • 被 Passive Grammar
  • Past, present and future time in Chinese
  • 比 (bǐ) comparison Grammar
  • 在 in, at, on Grammar
  • 才 and 就 Grammar
  • 有一点儿 and 一点儿 Grammar
  • Conjunction related infographics
    • 那 (nà) in that case Grammar (Released on Oct. 23, 2018)
    • 一边…一边…
    • 除了…以外,还…
    • 虽然…,可是/但是…
    • 先…,再…

YOU can be the one to decide what infographics you want us to make!

As the holiday season approaches, we would like to fulfill your wish list!

How this works:

  1. We have listed the infographics we are planning to release from now until June 2019. Check the list first.
  2. Give us up to 3 infographic ideas, by leaving a comment below. (This is the first time we are running this poll, so we are unsure of the number of ideas that will be generated. So the final numbers may be more or less than what’s listed below).
  3. The ideas will be compiled and added to a poll. The deadline for submitting your ideas is November 30, 2018. (We welcome ideas at all times, but this deadline is for the poll to be voted on in December).
  4. We will choose 20-40 of the most popular ideas and make a poll! (VividChinese reserves the right for the final ideas, mainly because we need to make sure those ideas are suitable for infographics).
  5. The poll starts on December 3rd and ends on December 31st, 2018.
  6. Everyone will have 3-6 votes, so choose wisely.
  7. The top 10-15 ideas will become infographics by June, 2019!


  1. Thanks for all the great work! Please also consider making the following grammar infographics:

    1. usage of 把

    2. usage of 和

    3. usage of adjectives in Chinese + 是

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