The 58th Presidential Inauguration Vocabulary

Simplified Chinese Version


I came up with the idea for this infographic when I was creating some other infographics for AP students. While it is good for students to lay a good foundation with textbook learning, it is also important for them to catch up on current news, and to know them in Chinese terms. So I made this infographic.

There are 25+ vocabulary in this infographic. It starts with where and when the Presidential Inauguration happened. Then we use a picture of the 58th Presidential Inauguration to introduce 6 key persons and related vocabulary. On the bottom of the infographic, we introduce another 3 important persons in this event.

During your teaching, I would avoid political opinions and debate, as it can get out of control. Since this was one of the biggest events in US history, it would be a great topic to learn additional vocabulary.      


Traditional Chinese Version

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