Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is the time all the family will get together. It is similar to the Chinese New Year. Thanksgiving is an important holiday among all the western holidays. Learning Thanksgiving vocabulary in Chinese may impress your family and friends!

Two fun facts 

First, do you know the words “turkey” and “chicken” in Chinese are similar? “Chicken” in Chinese is “鸡 jī.” “Turkey” in Chinese is “火鸡 huǒ jī,” which literally means “fire chicken!”

Second, if you have Chinese pinyin keyboard on your smartphone or laptop, try to type those letters in pinyin





and see what emojis you get!




huoji turkey

mianbao bread

tang soup

pingguo apple


Yes! Those are the food you probably often see in Thanksgiving meal.

Now let’s take a look the vocabulary list below,

Thanksgiving Vocabulary List

15+ vocabulary you must know for Thanksgiving, which is one of the biggest holidays, including

  • 感恩节 gǎn ēn jié Thanksgiving, (感恩 gǎn’ēn means being grateful, thankful. 节 jié means holiday or festival.)
  • 十一月 第四个 星期四 shíyī yuè dì sì gè xīngqísì The fourth Thursday, November, (Remember that when talking about time in Chinese, it always goes from bigger time range word to smaller time range word. So the correct order in Chinese is November, then the fourth Thursday.)
  • 主餐  zhǔ cān Main meal, 
  • 烤火鸡 kǎo huǒjī Roast turkey, (烤 kǎo means to roast)
  • 火鸡 huǒ jī Turkey,
  • 配菜 pèi cài Side dish,
  • 面包 miànbāo Bread,
  • 四季豆  sìjì dòu Green beans,
  • 汤 tāng Soup, 
  • 土豆 tǔdòu Potato / 馬鈴薯 mǎ líng shǔ (In China, the word for potato is 土豆 tǔdòu. In Taiwan, it is called 馬鈴薯 mǎ líng shǔ.)
  • 酱 jiàng Sauce,
  • 饮料 yǐnliào Drink,
  • 酒 jiǔ Liqueur, wine, alcohol,
  • 甜点  tiándiǎn Dessert,
  • 派 pài Pie,
  • 南瓜派 nánguā pài Pumpkin pie,
  • 苹果 píngguǒ pài Apple pie.

Happy holidays!


Simplified Chinese Version Infographic

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Simplified Chinese Version


Traditional Chinese Version Infographic

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Traditional Chinese Version



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