Past Present Future

Knowing how to express “time” in Chinese is very important and useful. In this infographic, we made a 6×5 table to show you how to say “time” in reference to the present moment. We include the year, month, week and day.   Simplified Chinese Version   Traditional Chinese Version Please follow and like us:

多 more and 少 less Related Chinese idioms

In this infographic, we introduce 10 useful Chinese idioms. 5 idioms are related to “多” (more) and 5 idioms are related to “少” (less). 5 idioms are related to “多”: 五花八门   wǔ huā bā mén 千变万化   qiān biàn wàn huà 座无虚席   zuò wú xū xí 滔滔不绝   tāo tāo bù jué 见多识广   jiàn duō shì guǎng …