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ChinesePod Ltd.

They have a passion for Chinese learning and we aim to use the latest technology to help learners around the world stay constantly motivated on their Chinese learning path. ChinesePod believes in immersive learning. They strive to offer a cloud library of resources and lessons where users can access anytime, anywhere. They aim to enable language enthusiasts to craft their own learning paths while building them the foundation to master the nuances in the language.



italki is a global language learning community that connects students and teachers for 1-on-1 online language lessons. At italki, we believe that human interaction and cultural sharing are the best way to become fluent in a foreign language. With over 5 million students and 10,000 high-quality teachers teaching more than 130 languages, italki helps everyone with their personal journey to fluency.



Pimsleur Language Programs

Pimsleur is a portable method. You don’t need to sit at your computer after work if you don’t want to. You can study while commuting to work, at the gym, on your lunch break, or while cleaning the house. People love Pimsleur’s flexibility of use. It’s smartphone, MP3 player, CD player, and computer compatible. Fit it into your lifestyle. Take it anywhere! Pimsleur is digested in easy 30-minute daily chunks. No more, no less. As we say “30 minutes a day is all it takes to learn with Pimsleur!” Everyone has a busy schedule and our lessons are tailored to maximize your learning without sacrificing your precious free time. Pimsleur is short and manageable! And remember, that downtime (commuting, jogging, cooking, etc.) now becomes a primetime learning opportunity.
Pimsleur is a scientifically proven method with a track record spanning 50 years!


Rocket Languages:
Learn Chinese

Rocket Languages knows more about learning a new language than anyone on the planet! They offer multiple award-winning language learning courses used by more than 1,200,000 people, just like you, to master a new language.

With more than 1,400 5-star reviews you can be comfortable knowing that their products are high quality and engaging.


Yoyo Chinese:

Finding the right resources is a crucial first step on a student’s language learning jouney.  Our goal is to help people looking for a way to learn Chinese find Yoyo Chinese and our comprehensive Mandarin courses.