Sea Glass Art with Chinese Character!

I really enjoy my two recent hobbies: sea glass collecting and making sea glass art! I was never an outdoors person until recently. I live close to Lake Erie. One time, as we walked by the beach, a little boy came up to us and started talking to my kids and me. “What are you guys doing here?” said the little boy. “Nothing, we’re just walking around,” I replied. “Oh, okay. I found something really cool. Do you want to see it?” said the boy. “Sure,” I said. And he showed me the sea glass he found. That’s where it all started.

We’ve been going to several beaches around us a few times a week. Sometimes, we’re lucky to find big ones and many of them. Other times, we barely find any. But in the end, we really enjoy the family time together.

Making sea glass art is a relaxing project for me. Running this website is not my main job. Currently, my main job is in an intense season. I find myself needing some distractions. I’ve always liked home decor that combines Chinese characters with other elements. The thought ran through my mind just the other day: “Oh wait, I can combine Chinese words and sea glass since I love both!”

Here you go. See the photos below showcasing my sea glass artworks with Chinese characters! You can also find them in the shop if you think they would be a great addition to your home or a friend’s home. Enjoy!

Sisters' Serenade: Sea Glass Pebble Art

In conclusion, my newfound hobbies of sea glass collecting and creating sea glass art have brought joy and a sense of connection with nature into my life. Combining my love for Chinese characters with the beauty of sea glass has opened up a whole new realm of artistic expression. I invite you to explore the photos and consider bringing these unique pieces into your own home or that of a loved one. May they bring you as much delight as they have brought me.

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