55 Traditional Chinese Character High Quality VividChinese infographics


55 traditional Chinese character infographics in this bundle. They are some FREE and some never being released on vividchinese.com. You can support us by spending a small amount of money, then you will get all 100 infographics with just a few clicks. Thank you for your support!

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These 55+ Traditional Chinese Character infographics include:

  • Address people
  • Affirmative + Negative A-not-A Questions grammar
  • Big numbers
  • Chinese new year activities
  • Chinese Restaurant Expressions
  • Comparison grammar
  • Covid-19
  • Currencies around the world
  • de possession and ownership grammar
  • Dining and food-related measurement words
  • Dragon boat
  • Emotion related Chinese idioms
  • Emotions expression
  • Facial Features related idioms
  • Food-related Chinese idioms
  • Fruits in Chinese
  • Gift giving
  • Greetings expression in Chinese
  • Hello in Chinese
  • How to Use de 的, 得, 地 Properly
  • How To Write A Postal Address In Chinese
  • I love you in Chinese
  • Lot and less Chinese idioms
  • Mei and Bu
  • Multiple Pronunciations Chinese characters
  • Or Haishi and Huozhe
  • Past Present Future
  • Presidential Inauguration vocabulary
  • Question Particles Ne and Ma
  • Question words
  • Relationship Related Chinese Slang
  • Seeing doctors vocabulary
  • Sentence structure
  • Sequencing 先 再
  • Simultaneous tasks 一邊 yibian
  • Thank you in Chinese
  • Thanksgiving vocabulary
  • Time order
  • Tone change rules
  • Two 二 两
  • valentine’s day Vocabulary
  • Weather related Chinese idioms
  • Weather vocabulary
  • Website common words
  • When you go to your friend’s house
  • You to have and to exist grammar
  • Zeros in Chinese
  • 也 ye too also grammar
  • 和 he grammar
  • 姓 xing Surname grammar
  • 就 才 jiu cai grammar
  • 把 ba grammar
  • 被 Passive grammar
  • 那 in that cast grammar
  • 都 dou both all grammar


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