Integrated Chinese Volume 2 Lesson 11-20 Grammar Infographics (Traditional Chinese Version)


Integrated Chinese (IC), Chinese name 中文听说读写, 中文聽說讀寫, Zhōngwén tīng shuō dú xiě (which literally means Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing), vocabulary infographics are now here! There is no doubt that “Integrated Chinese” is one of the most widely adopted Chinese textbooks among high schools and colleges in North America and beyond. We have designed our infographics according to the lessons and dialogues. That way it is easy for teachers and students to teach and learn.

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這是繁體字版本!!!  This is Simplified Chinese Version!!! 這是繁體字版本!!!  

IC Volume 2 Lesson 11 Grammar Infographics (6 files)

  • L11 Adj + (一)點兒
  • L11 Adj/v + 是 + Adj/v, 可是/但是…
  • L11 Comparison 比
  • L11 The adverb “又 yòu” again
  • L11 了 new situation
  • L11 會 huì Will

IC Volume 2 Lesson 12 Grammar Infographics (9 files)

  • L12 Adverb 多(duō)/少(shǎo) + verb
  • L12 Reduplication of Adjectives
  • L12 The verb 來
  • L12 一…也/都…不/没…
  • L12 剛 gāng vs. 剛才 gāngcái
  • L12, 13 Resultative Complements 1
  • L12, 13 Resultative Complements 2
  • L12, 13 Resultative Complements 3
  • L12, 13 Resultative Complements 4

IC Volume 2 Lesson 13 Grammar Infographics (7 files)

  • L12, 13 Resultative Complements 1
  • L12, 13 Resultative Complements 2
  • L12, 13 Resultative Complements 3
  • L12, 13 Resultative Complements 4
  • L13 As soon as…, then…
  • L13 Comparative sentence structure
  • L13 Direction and Location Words
  • L13 Expressing past experiences with 過 guò
  • L13 Reduplication of Verbs
  • L13 到 + place + 去 + action
  • L13 那麼 Nàme Indicating degree

IC Volume 2 Lesson 14 Grammar Infographics (6 files)

  • L14 Verbal Phrases and Subject-Predicate Phrases Used as Attributives
  • L14 又…又… Both … and …
  • L14 呢 an action in progress
  • L14 是…的 Structure
  • L14 還 hái Still
  • L14, 18 Time Duration

IC Volume 2 Lesson 15 Grammar Infographics (7 files)

  • L15 The Preposition 对 duì
  • L15 Times of Actions
  • L15 再說 Zàishuō
  • L15 把 ba grammar
  • L15 死了 unpleasant feelings
  • L15 起來 qǐlái Indicates the beginning of an action
  • L15 越 來 越… yuè lái yuè…

IC Volume 2 Lesson 16 Grammar Infographics (4 files)

  • L16 Descriptive Complement
  • L16 Directional Complements 2
  • L16 Potential Complement
  • L16 就 jiù as only

IC Volume 2 Lesson 17 Grammar Infographics (5 files)

  • L17 Potential complements with “Verb + 不下”
  • L17 Question Pronoun with 都/也
  • L17 Verb phrase + Verb + 了 + time duration + 了
  • L17 多 Indicating an approximate number
  • L17 連…都/也… even

IC Volume 2 Lesson 18 Grammar Infographics (5 files)

  • L14, 18 Time Duration
  • L18 Duration of inactivity
  • L18 下去 Indicating continuation
  • L18 好/難 + verb
  • L18 著
  • L18 被 Passive grammar

IC Volume 2 Lesson 19 Grammar Infographics (4 files)

  • L19 Big numbers
  • L19 Question pronouns as indefinite references
  • L19 得 不得了
  • L19 比bǐ Comparison

IC Volume 2 Lesson 20 Grammar Infographics (4 files)

  • L20 “…的時候 … de shíhòu” vs “…以後 yǐhòu”
  • L20 How to Use de 的, 得, 地 Properly
  • L20 Kinship terms
  • L20 還 hái + Positive adjective


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