Integrated Chinese Volume 1 Ultimate Package Simplified Chinese Version (Over $100 value!!)



Integrated Chinese (IC), Chinese name 中文听说读写, 中文聽說讀寫, Zhōngwén tīng shuō dú xiě (which literally means Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing), vocabulary infographics are now here! There is no doubt that “Integrated Chinese” is one of the most widely adopted Chinese textbooks among high schools and colleges in North America and beyond. We have designed our infographics according to the lessons and dialogues. That way it is easy for teachers and students to teach and learn.

This Integrated Chinese Volume 1 Ultimate Package includes:

  1. IC V1 L1-10 Conversation cards ($5.99 value)
  2. IC V1 L1-10 Grammar infographics ($19.99 value)
  3. IC V1 L1-10 Radicals ($6.99 value)
  4. IC V1 L1-10 Vocabulary infographics ($8.99 value)
  5. IC V1 L1-10 Vocabulary Quiz ($8.99 value)
  6. IC V1 L1-10 Taboo activity ($7.99 value)
  7. Activity – Colors in Chinese ($4.99 value) 
  8. Activity – Where do the tone mark go (4.99 value)
  9. My little book about Chinese classroom expression ($3.99 value)
  10. My little book about Chinese New Year ($2.99 value)
  11. My little book about Dragon Boat Festival ($2.99 value)
  12. Activity: Chinese Numbers ($3.99 value)
  13. High Quality Digital Poster: Chinese classroom expression ($6.99 value)
  14. High Quality Digital Poster: Chinese Zodiac ($6.99 value)
  15. High Quality Digital Poster: Colors in Chinese ($6.99 value)


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