Integrated Chinese V1, V2 Writing Prompts for List Making and More


The downloadable files include:
– Instructions
– Chinese writing paper with pinyin
– Chinese writing paper without pinyin
– Two Google Slide files (One covering lessons L1-L10, and another one for lessons L11-L20)
– 20 JPG files (one .JPG file per lesson, featuring 4 cards for each lesson)


Two Writing prompt card examples:


Google Slide example:


Chinese Writing paper with and without pinyin examples:



These writing prompt cards offer an excellent method for engaging your students in writing right from the start. Utilize these writing cards during beginner’s classes as part of a “Work on Writing” activity. For instance, in the initial introduction, provide each student with a card and collectively review the prompts.

Students then complete these prompts in their dedicated writing journals, which are essentially composition notebooks. They are required to select a minimum of one task from the provided list, although you have the flexibility to assign more based on their skill levels. Enhance organization by numbering the cards on the back once you’ve printed and laminated them. The corresponding card number is noted on their paper, indicating the prompt they’ve chosen.

To further facilitate this process, I’ve created Google Slides, allocating one card per slide. Revisiting this exercise a few days later for additional practice is beneficial. Moreover, these cards serve as a valuable resource for review purposes.


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