Integrated Chinese Volume 1 Lesson 1-10 Grammar Infographics (Simplified Chinese Version)


Integrated Chinese (IC), Chinese name 中文听说读写, 中文聽說讀寫, Zhōngwén tīng shuō dú xiě (which literally means Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing), vocabulary infographics are now here! There is no doubt that “Integrated Chinese” is one of the most widely adopted Chinese textbooks among high schools and colleges in North America and beyond. We have designed our infographics according to the lessons and dialogues. That way it is easy for teachers and students to teach and learn.

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这是简体字版本!!!  This is Simplified Chinese Version!!!  这是简体字版本!!!  

IC Volume 1 Lesson 1 Grammar Infographics (7 files)

  • L1 basic sentence structure
  • L1 Question Particles 呢 吗
  • L1 不 bu
  • L1 也 ye too also
  • L1 叫 jiao to call
  • L1 姓 xing Surname
  • L1 是shi noun+noun

IC Volume 1 Lesson 2 Grammar Infographics (6 files)

  • L2 Question words
  • L2 个 ge measure word
  • L2 二 er 两 liang two
  • L2 有 you to have and to exist
  • L2 的de possession and ownership
  • L2 都 both all

IC Volume 1 Lesson 3 Grammar Infographics (10 files)

  • L3 Affirmative + Negative A-not-A Questions
  • L3 Dates and year in Chinese
  • L3 Days of the week
  • L3 Months in Chinese
  • L3 Numbers in Chinese
  • L3 Sentence Structure of 我请你吃饭
  • L3 Time – hour minute
  • L3 Time order
  • L3 还 also, as well
  • L3 还是 haishi or

IC Volume 1 Lesson 4 Grammar Infographics (8 files)

  • L4 Affirmative + Negative A-not-A Questions
  • L4 detachable compound
  • L4 Questions with 好吗
  • L4 Sentence structure
  • L4 去 qu to go
  • L4 吧 ba making suggestion
  • L4 想 want to, would like to
  • L4 那 in that cast

IC Volume 1 Lesson 5 Grammar Infographics (6 files)

  • L5 making suggestions
  • L5 Moderating tone of voice
  • L5 了 completion
  • L5 在 zai in at on
  • L5 就 才 jiu cai
  • L5 很

IC Volume 1 Lesson 6 Grammar Infographics (6 files)

  • L6 要 yao plan to do
  • L6 Directional Complements
  • L6 Times
  • L6 別 don’t
  • L6 得 must, have to
  • L6 给 to, for

IC Volume 1 Lesson 7 Grammar Infographics (9 files)

  • L7 Connecting sentences in continuous discourse
  • L7 Double objects
  • L7 Ordinal numbers
  • L7 太 tai too
  • L7 就 才 jiu cai grammar
  • L7 得 Descriptive complement
  • L7 怎么 How come
  • L7 有 (一) 点儿
  • L7 的 structure

IC Volume 1 Lesson 8 Grammar Infographics (9 files)

  • L8 Actions in A Row
  • L8 adverb 就
  • L8 In addition to, also
  • L8 Question words
  • L8 Simultaneous tasks 一边 yibian grammar
  • L8 The conjunctions 因为…所以… and 要是
  • L8 会 hui learned skill
  • L8 正在 be doing
  • L8 能 neng ability

IC Volume 1 Lesson 9 Grammar Infographics (7 files)

  • L9 Denomination of currency
  • L9 Measure words
  • L9 the conjunctions 虽然…但是…
  • L9 一样 the same
  • L9 多 asking about degree
  • L9 的 structure
  • L9 要 yao want to do

IC Volume 1 Lesson 10 Grammar Infographics (6 files)

  • L10 Sequencing 先 再
  • L10 Topic Comment
  • L10 快要…了 about to happen
  • L10 每…都
  • L10 还是 或者 or
  • L10 还是…吧 had better


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