HSK 1 Grammar (Chinese Grammar for Beginners) Video Course


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The HSK 1 Grammar video course contains 10 videos / 34 grammar points. Each video is about 15-20 minutes long. Each video has multiple grammar points.

These 34 HSK 1 grammar videos / Chinese grammar for beginners are perfect for your studying or teaching.

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34 grammar points include,

  • 姓 xing Surname
  • Numbers in Chinese
  • 也 ye too also
  • 和 he grammar
  • 个 ge measure word
  • 要 yao plan to do
  • 不 bu not
  • 太 tai too…
  • 吗 ma Tag questions
  • 呢 ne 吗 ma question particles
  • 在 zai in at
  • 的 de possession and ownership
  • 有 you to have and to exist
  • Basic sentence structure
  • 要 yao want to do
  • 岁 sui age
  • 不要 buyao negative commands
  • 二 er 两 liang two
  • 会 hui learned skill
  • 怎么 zenme how to
  • 还是 haishi or
  • 可以 keyi permission
  • Question words
  • Past present future time
  • 能 neng ability
  • 吧 ba making suggestions
  • 能 neng possibility
  • 去 qu to go
  • 叫 jiao to call
  • 没 mei negate past action
  • 没 mei for 有 you not have
  • A-not-A Questions
  • 是 shi noun+noun
  • 很 hen noun+adj

If you are wondering how to teach in this series, we have course trailer and some sample lessons.

Course trailer


Sample 1: 要 yào, be going to, be planning to

Sample 2: 怎么 zěn me, how to

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