Chinese Bell Ringers Warm Ups  175 Daily  Chinese Culture Facts


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Are you interested in enriching your classroom with elements of Chinese culture? Are you weary of crafting mundane warm-up exercises in Chinese just to buy time for attendance? Look no further! These Chinese bell ringers offer an excellent opportunity to acquaint students with a diverse range of Chinese culture while establishing a structured routine at the beginning of each class.

Utilize these daily Chinese culture facts as captivating Chinese bell ringers:

  • With a total of 35 weeks’ worth of facts (5 facts per week), covering a distinct topic each week.
  • The teacher can effortlessly display the daily fact on a Smart Board or screen using an LCD projector, or alternatively, inscribe it on a designated whiteboard.
  • Each fact presents essential phrases in Chinese, offering students the opportunity to not only learn about the cultural aspect but also acquire new vocabulary in Chinese. As they engage with the cultural facts, students can simultaneously enhance their language skills by familiarizing themselves with Chinese words and expressions.

  • For your convenience and to minimize preparation time, each fact is accompanied by a link or picture that allows you to delve deeper into the topic with your students. These links may direct you to relevant YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, or informative webpages related to the specific fact. We strongly recommend that teachers review the provided links in advance to ensure their suitability for your students and to familiarize yourself with the content they contain.


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