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How To Write A Postal Address In Chinese

Knowing how to write an address is a practical skill. In English and many other languages, addresses are usually written from the smallest location first, followed by increasingly larger ones.

In Chinese, this is the reverse. We write the address from big to small.

From largest to smallest, the order is:

国家  guójiā country → 省 shěng province → 县 xiàn county → 市 shì city/town → 区 qū district → 大街  dàjiē avenue → 路 lù road → 号 hào number→ 楼 lóu floor → 室 shì apartment

Please note that it is NOT necessary to have to write all of these for an address.

We have included a step-by-step example in the infographic.


Simplified Chinese Version


Traditional Chinese Version

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