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Jinbu (进步 jìnbù) 1 Chapter 1 Vocabulary Infographics

Great news to announce! We have vocabulary infographics for the series of “Jinbu 1” textbooks! Jinbu (进步) is a well-known set of Chinese textbooks and is widely used globally. We have designed our infographics according to the chapters. That way it is easy for teachers and students to teach and learn. 

We released part of Jinbu 1 vocabulary infographics for FREE! If you find them useful and also would like to use flashcards as your learning tool, we have a complete set of “Jinbu 1 vocabulary infographics and flashcards” in our shop!

We designed 3 infographics for Jinbu1, chapter 1. In the Jinbu 1 Chapter 1 Vocabulary (Part 1) infographic, here are the vocabulary you will find:

我 wǒ I, me

你 nǐ you

他 tā he, him

她 tā she, her

老师 lǎo shī teacher

你好 nǐ hǎo hi, hello

老师好 lǎo shī hǎo hello teacher

早上好 zǎo shang hǎo Good morning

再见 zài jiàn good-bye


Chapter 1 Vocabulary Part 1 infographic

Jinbu 1 Ch1 P1 infographic

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Chapter 1 Vocabulary Part 2

Here are the vocabulary you will find in Jinbu 1 Chapter 1 Vocabulary (Part 2):

什么 shén me what

你多大? nǐ duō dà How old are you?

忙不忙?máng bù máng? (Are you) busy?

什么 shén me what

你叫什么?nǐ jiào shén me? What is your name?

很忙 hěn máng busy

不忙 bù máng not busy

我叫… wǒ jiào… my name is …

我…岁 wǒ … suì I am … years old.


  hěn quite, very

不 bù/bú no





Chapter 1 Vocabulary Part 2 Infographic

Jinbu 1 Cha P2

Jinbu 1 Chapter 1 Vocabulary Part 3

Here are the vocabulary you will find in Jinbu 1 Chapter 1 Vocabulary (Part 3):

  yī one

  èr two

  sān three

  sì four

  wǔ five

  liù six

  qī seven

  bā eight

  jiǔ nine

  shí ten

十一  shíyī eleven

十二  shíèr twelve 

十三  shísān thirteen

十四  shísì fourteen

十五  shíwǔ fifteen

十六  shíliù sixteen

十七  shíqī seventeen

十八  shíbā eighteen

十九  shíjiǔ nineteen 


二十  èrshí twenty

三十  sānshí thirty 

四十  sìshí forty 

五十  wǔshí fifty 







Chapter 1 Vocabulary Part 3 Infographic

Jinbu 1 Ch1 P3

In addition to this, we also have “Jinbu 1” flashcards in our shop ready for you. The flashcard size is 5X3. There are two sets of flashcards in one Letter size page. Different from the traditional text only flashcards, we have made these flashcards according to the infographics. There is an icon and English meaning on the front while Chinese characters and pinyin are on the back. Flashcards are an old but powerful way to learn new vocabulary and review them. 

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