Integrated Chinese V1 Grammar infographics

Integrated Chinese 1 Grammar Infographics

Great news! We have finished our second set of the grammar infographics, “Integrated Chinese 1 Grammar Infographics!” (Both Simplified and Traditional Character Version are ready)

Integrated Chinese is one of the most used Chinese textbooks. There are more than 70 basic grammar points introduced in lessons 1-10

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Lesson 4 Grammar Points

Directional Complements 来 and 去

And here is the new one…

A direction complement is used to describe the direction of a verb. Adding a direction complement after a verb can help to be more clear where the action is going to. In this lesson, we are going to learn the most common two directional complements:

Directional Complements

The sentence structure looks like this…

Directional Complements

Let’s a couple of examples:


Nǐ shénme shíhòu huílái?

When are you coming back?

  means “to return.” The speaker is asking

the woman when she will be back. Since

the action will be directed towards the speaker, 

we use “来”.


Kuài jìnqù ba!

Hurry up and go in!

  means “go in.” The speaker is telling the 

woman to go in. Since the action will be 

directed away from the speaker, we use “去”.

Integrated Chinese grammar infographic L6 Directional Complements

70+ Integrated Chinese 1 Grammar Infographics

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