Culture infographics

Gift Giving Etiquette In Chinese Culture

When You Go To A Chinese Friend’s House

Relationship-Related Chinese Slang

How To Properly Address Other People In Chinese Culture (With Video!)

Thanksgiving Vocabulary

How To Write A Postal Address In Chinese

Animal sounds in Chinese

Valentine’s Day – Related Vocabulary


Grammar infographics

A1 Grammar Points (Beginner / HSK 1-2)

Or Grammar, Haishi And Huozhe (With Video!)

Possession, Ownership 的 De Grammar (With Video!)

Zeros in Chinese (With Video!)

Mei And Bu (With Video!)

Sentence Structure (With Video!)

Question Words

Time Order In Chinese

Chinese Question Particles: Ne and Ma

All (Both) Or None: 都 Dou Grammar

Surname Grammar 姓 Xing

Too, Also Grammar 也 ye

To Have, To Exist 有 You Grammar

A-not-A Question Grammar

Numbers (1-100) In Chinese

Usage of 二 (èr) and 两 (liǎng)

Usage of 和 (hé)

Past Present Future



A2 Grammar Points (Elementary / HSK 2-3)

Comparison 比 bǐ Grammar

Conjunction Simultaneous Tasks 一边 (yībiān)…, 一边 (yībiān)…

Or Grammar, Haishi And Huozhe (With Video!)

Big Numbers In Chinese

Mei And Bu (With Video!)

How to Use de 的, 得, 地 Properly

Zeros in Chinese (With Video!)

Chinese Tone Change Rules


B1 Grammar Points (Intermediate / HSK 3-4)

被 (bèi) Passive Voice Grammar

Conjunction 那/那么(na/name) So…, / In That Case… Grammar (With Video!)

就 (jiù) earliness and 才 (cái) lateness Grammar

Conjunction Sequencing Actions 先…再…

把 (bǎ) sentence


B2 Grammar Points (Upper Intermediate / HSK 4-5)

Usage of 和 (hé)


Chinese Punctuation

Where Do The Tone Marks Go?




Vocabulary infographics

All About Weather Vocabulary

Seeing Doctors Vocabulary

Dining-Related Chinese Measurement Words

The 58th Presidential Inauguration Vocabulary

Emotion-Related Chinese Idioms

Weather-Related Chinese Idioms (With Video!)

Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Chinese Idioms Related To Facial Features

Top 45 World Famous Brand Names In Chinese

Website Common Words

多 more and 少 less Related Chinese idioms

Valentine’s Day – Related Vocabulary

Marvel Cinematic Universe Films Timeline in Chinese

Food-Related Chinese Idioms (With Video!)

Common Email Vocabulary In Chinese

Multiple Pronunciations Chinese Characters

Common Blog Words in Chinese

HSK 1 Vocabulary infographics (Completed)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 1)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 2)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 3)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 4)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 5)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 6)


HSK 2 Vocabulary infographics (Completed)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 1)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 2)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 3)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 4)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 5)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 6)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 7) 

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 8)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 9)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 10)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 11)


YCT 1 Vocabulary infographics (Completed)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 1)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 2)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 3)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 4)


YCT 2 Vocabulary infographics (Completed)

YCU 2 Vocabulary (Part 1)

YCU 2 Vocabulary (Part 2)

YCU 2 Vocabulary (Part 3)

YCU 2 Vocabulary (Part 4)

YCU 2 Vocabulary (Part 5)

YCU 2 Vocabulary (Part 6)