Culture infographics

Gift Giving Etiquette In Chinese Culture

When You Go To A Chinese Friend’s House

Relationship-Related Chinese Slang

How To Properly Address Other People In Chinese Culture

Thanksgiving Vocabulary


Grammar infographics

Chinese Punctuation

Question Words

Time Order In Chinese

Or Grammar, Haishi And Huozhe

Mei And Bu

Sentence Structure

Big Numbers In Chinese

Chinese Question Particles: Ne and Ma

All (Both) Or None: 都 Dou Grammar

Surname Grammar 姓 Xing

Too, Also Grammar 也 ye

Conjunction 那/那么(na/name) So…, / In That Case… Grammar

Possession, Ownership 的 De Grammar

To Have, To Exist 有 You Grammar


Vocabulary infographics

All About Weather Vocabulary

Seeing Doctors Vocabulary

Dining-Related Chinese Measurement Words

The 58th Presidential Inauguration Vocabulary

Emotion-Related Chinese Idioms

Weather-Related Chinese Idioms

Thanksgiving Vocabulary


HSK 1 Vocabulary infographics

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 1)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 2)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 3)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 4)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 5)

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 6)


YCT 1 Vocabulary infographics

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 1)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 2)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 3)

YCT 1 Vocabulary (Part 4) Coming soon…

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