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Integrated Chinese Volume 1 Lesson 1-1 Vocabulary

Integrated Chinese (IC), Chinese name 中文听说读写, 中文聽說讀寫, Zhōngwén tīng shuō dú xiě (which literally means Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing), vocabulary infographics are now here! There is no doubt that “Integrated Chinese” is one of the most widely adopted Chinese textbooks among high schools and colleges in North America and beyond. The current version is the 4th edition. The names of the first three editions were Integrated Chinese Level 1, Part 1, Part 2, and Level 2, Part 1, Part 2; but the name of the newest edition has been changed to Integrated Chinese Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4. They have both simplified and traditional character versions.

In each lesson, there are two dialogues and our vocabulary infographics are designed based on each dialogue. It is perfect for students to learn and review, as well as for teachers to teach and use in the review section.  

Before we start introducing the new vocabulary, here are some character names we would like to mention first:

  • 王朋 Wáng péng, Wang Peng: A Chinese freshman from Beijing.
  • 李友 Lǐ Yǒu, Amy Lee: An American student from New York.
  • 高文中 Gāo Wénzhōng, Winston Gore: An English student.
  • 高小英 Gāo Xiǎoyīng: Jenny Gore: Winston’s older sister.
  • 白英爱 Bái Yīng’ài: Baek Yeung Ae: A friendly outgoing Korean student from Seoul.
  • 常老师 Cháng lǎoshī: Original from China.

Integrated Chinese Volume 1 Lesson 1 Dialogue 1 Vocabulary list

Here is the list of the vocabulary from Integrated Chinese Volume 1 Lesson 1 Dialogue 1:

Chinese characterPinyinEnglish
I, me
Mr., husband, 
Miss, young lady
王朋Wáng Péng
(A personal name)

Lǐ Yǒu(A personal name)

(polite form of request);
to treat or to invite 
to ask 
(a question)
请问qǐngwènMay I ask…

(one’s) surname is…


hǎofine, good, 
nice, OK


jiàoto be called, 
to call

ne(question particle)

Vocabulary Infographic

Integrated Chinese V1 L1 vocabulary infographic

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We have both IC V1 Lesson 1, dialogue 1 and 2 vocabulary infographics here. If you find them useful, the whole set of Integrated Chinese Volume 1 (Level 1 Part 1) vocabulary infographics is at our shop!

Integrated Chinese V1 L1-1 Grammar Point Infographics

There are three grammar points in this dialogue. You can find the grammar point infographic links below:

Other Vocabulary Infographics

We also have many other vocabulary infographics, which include

Happy learning!


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      Hi I-Ling,
      Thank you for loving our infographic! Yes, we are making more! If everything goes well, we will release one or two more infographics of IC series that are absolutely free to use. We will also have a whole set (Lesson 1-10) ready in our shop hopefully in September (coming soon!). Stay tuned!

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