HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 4)

In this HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 4) infographic, there are about 30 words from HSK 2 vocabulary. We separated them into 2 groups. The first group has vocabulary about time. The second group has vocabulary about manners.

Please note:

The vocabulary in black are the vocabulary from HSK 1.

The vocabulary in blue are the NEW vocabulary from HSK 2.


The first group vocabulary include

今天 jīntiān today,

明天 míngtiān tomorrow,

昨天 zuótiān yesterday,

上午 shàngwǔ morning,

中午 zhōngwǔ noon,

下午 xiàwǔ afternoon,

年 nián year,

月 yuè month,

日 rì day,

星期 xīngqī week,

点 diǎn dot/spot,

分钟 fēnzhōng minute,

现在 xiànzài now,

时候 shíhou time,

早上 zǎoshàng early morning,

晚上 wǎnshàng night,

小时 xiǎoshí hour,

时间 shíjiān time,

去年 qùnián last year and

号 hào number/date.


The second group vocabulary include

谢谢 xièxie thank,

不客气 búkèqì you are welcome,

再见 zàijiàn good-bye,

请 qǐng please, 对不起 duìbùqǐ sorry,

没关系 méiguānxi It doesn’t matter and

欢迎 huānyíng welcome.


As we were making this infographic, we realized that there are many ways to organize the vocabulary. We’ve decided to arrange them in groups as a memory aid.


HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 4) Infographic

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 4) Infographic

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