HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 3)

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 3)

In this HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 3) infographic, there are 30+ words from HSK 2 vocabulary. We separated them into 3 groups. The first group has vocabulary about numbers. The second group has measurement words. And the third group has some nouns that can be linked with the measurement words.

Please note:

The vocabulary in black are the vocabulary from HSK 1.

The vocabulary in blue are the NEW vocabulary from HSK 2.

The first group vocabulary includes

一 yī one,

二 èr two,

三 sān three,

四 sì four,

五 wǔ five,

六 liù six,

七 qī seven,

八 bā eight,

九 jiǔ nine,

十 shí ten,

零 líng zero,

两 liǎng two,

百 bǎi hundred,

千 qiān thousand and

第一 dìyī first.


The second group vocabulary includes

个 gè one/ a/an,

岁 suì year,

本 běn volume,

些 xiē some,

块 kuài piece,

次 cì number,

公斤 gōngjīn kilogram,

元 yuán yuan,

件 jiàn piece and

张 zhāng sheet.


The third group vocabulary includes

苹果 píngguǒ apple,

杯子 bēizi cup,

字 zì character,

书 shū book,

桌子 zhuōzi desk,

椅子 yǐzi chair and

颜色 yánsè color.

As we were making this infographic, we realized that there are many ways to organize the vocabulary. We’ve decided to arrange them in groups as a memory aid.


HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 3) Infographic

HSK 2 Vocabulary (Part 3) Infographic

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