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HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 4)

We are halfway of HSK 1 vocabulary. Keep up your good work! Before we move on to HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 4), in case you still need the links for part 1 to part 3, here they are,

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HSK 1 vocabulary (Part 3)

OK! Let’s start in part 4.

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 4)

In this infographic, we’ve included 20+ HSK 1 vocabulary, organized in 2 groups.

Group One: Verb Vocabulary

The first group is “verbs,” which include

喜欢 xǐhuān love/like,

去 qù go,

写 xiě write,

看 kàn look/watch,

坐 zuò sit/take,

听 tīng listen,

说 shuō speak,

学习 xuéxí study,

看见 kànjiàn see, and

爱 ài love.


Group Two: Noun and verb Vocabulary

The second group is the “nouns” or “verbs” that can go after the verbs in group one. They are

猫 māo cat,

狗 gǒu dog,

睡觉 shuìjiào sleep,

工作 gōngzuò work,

名字 míngzi name,

字 zì character,

电影 diànyǐng movie,

出租车 chūzūchē taxi,

飞机 fēijī airplane,

汉语 hànyǔ mandarin Chinese and

钱 qián money.

There are two main parts when talking about preparing HSK 1, vocabulary and grammar. We have made an incredible HSK 1 grammar course in Patreon. There are 40 grammar points included (About 35 infographics and videos in this course). Come visit our Patreon Page and find more detail.

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 4) Infographic


HSK 1 vocabulary part 4


HSK 1 Grammar Videos

As we mentioned earlier, we made a HSK 1 grammar course on Patreon. If you would like to know more about how we teach grammar, here are some videos for you!

HSK 1 Grammar: Using 能 néng to express possibility

HSK 1 Grammar: Using 怎么 zěnme to express how

HSK 1 Grammar: Using 可以 kěyǐ to express permission

HSK 1 Grammar: Basic Chinese Sentence Structure

If you enjoyed the video and would like to gain access to the entire library at full resolution for the project, both for currently completed videos as well as future releases, consider becoming a patron at

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