HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 2) List, Flashcards and Worksheets

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 2)

Did you enjoy our HSK 1 vocabulary (Part 1)? I hope you do. Here is the link to Part 1 in case you need it. Let’s move on to HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 2).

In this infographic, we’ve included 25 HSK 1 vocabulary, organizes in 3 groups.

Group One: Direction Vocabulary

The first group is the “direction” vocabulary, including

上 shàng up,

下 xià down,

前面 qiánmiàn front,

后面 hòumiàn behind, and

里面 lǐmiàn inside.

Group Two: Things Vocabulary

The second group is the category of “things,” including

椅子 yǐzi chair,

电脑 diànnǎo computer,

桌子 zhuōzi,

电视 diànshì television,

书 shū book,

衣服 yīfu cloth,

水 shuǐ water,

茶 chá tea,

杯子 bēizi cup,

苹果 píngguǒ apple,

水果shuǐguǒ fruit,

米饭 mǐfàn rice, and

菜 cài dish/vegetable.

Group Three: Manners Vocabulary

The third group is vocabulary about “manners,” including

不客气 búkèqì you are welcome,

谢谢 xièxie thanks,

再见 zàijiàn good-bye,

对不起 duìbùqǐ sorry,

没关系 méiguānxì it doesn’t matter, and

请 qǐng please.


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HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 2) Infographic

HSK 1 Vocabulary part 2

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 2) Flashcards

After studying the infographic and list above, you can quiz yourself with the flashcards. Here we list the HSK 1 vocabulary Part 2 vocabulary below.

上 shàng
Click to Flip

下 xià
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前面 qiánmiàn
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后面 hòumiàn
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里面 lǐmiàn
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椅子 yǐzi
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电脑 diànnǎo
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桌子 zhuōzi
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table, desk

电视 diànshì
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书 shū
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衣服 yīfu
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水 shuǐ
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茶 chá
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杯子 bēizi
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苹果 píngguǒ
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米饭 mǐfàn
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菜 cài
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不客气 búkèqì
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you are welcome

谢谢 xièxie
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再见 zàijiàn
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对不起 duìbùqǐ
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没关系 méiguānxì
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it doesn't matter, it is ok

请 qǐng
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We also finished HSK 2 vocabulary infographic series! Come and check out those HSK 2 vocabulary infographics.

HSK 1 Vocabulary (Part 2) Worksheets

After studying from HSK 1 part 2 infographic, here are the worksheets to practice.

Download HSK 1 P2 worksheets

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HSK 1 Grammar Videos

As we mentioned earlier, we made a HSK 1 grammar course. If you would like to know more about how we teach grammar, here are some videos for you!

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Chinese Numbers Sudoku Puzzles

After studying HSK 1 vocabulary, want to make sure you have mastered numbers in Chinese 1-10? We have 5 Chinese Numbers Sudoku Puzzles with the answer sheets!

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