Q: How do I download an infographic?

A: You can right click the infographic and click on “Save Image As.”


Q: What can I use the infographic for?

A: Currently, we provide three categories of infographics: culture, grammar and vocabulary. If you are a teacher, you are welcome to use the infographics as a teaching tool. Our infographics are straightforward and can be taught in your class. For an example, see this lesson planIf you are a self-learner, most of the infographics can help you learn without additional instruction.


Q: How do I subscribe for updates on new infographics and other content?

A: The subscription form is on the right side of the webpage. After you enter your name and email address, you will receive an email to confirm the subscription. Once you click on that link, you will be subscribed to get updates on future releases.


Q: Why do you have a donate button?

A: We spend about 15-25 hours to create each infographic, and we offer these infographics for free. If you have found value here and would like to support us, we give you the option through a PayPal donation. This allows us to continue creating great infographics for you.


Q: I really like your infographics. There are some topics I would like to teach my students, but I do not find a related infographic in your collection. Do you take custom orders?

A: Yes, we do! We are always looking for ideas. If you have a good topic for an infographic, we can make it for you. Just fill out the contact form or email us at contact@vividchinese.com and let us know how we can help you.


Q: Why should I use infographics? Are they different than the text materials I use?

A: Visual learning is a style in which a learner utilizes graphs, charts, maps and diagrams. Since many people learn visually, an infographic is a great learning tool.


Q: Do you offer Infographics with Traditional Chinese characters?

A: Yes, the Traditional Chinese version of the same infographic is available at the bottom of each post. Just scroll down to the bottom and you will see it. However, our HSK infographics do not currently have Traditional Chinese. This is because the HSK test only requires you to learn Simplified Chinese characters.


Q: What is your copyright policy and terms of use?

A: All the infographics can be used for teaching in class, self-study, and sharing with students.