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Dining-Related Chinese Measurement Words

Measurement words are unique in Chinese grammar. In this infographic, we introduce 17 measurement words that are related to food and dining. These are:

把  (bǎ): objects with handles

杯  (bēi): cups of…

串  (chuàn): items that come in bunches or clusters

份  (fèn): portions of…

个  (ge): general, catch-all measure word (usage of this classifier in conjunction with any noun is generally accepted if the person does not know the proper classifier)

根  (gēn): things that are thin and possibly flexible

壶  (hú): liquids in a pot or kettle

颗  (kē): small objects, usually with a round or semi-round shape

块  (kuài): things that come in hunks, chunks, or lumps

粒  (lì): really small objects, which are smaller than 颗 (kē) such as a grain of rice

盘  (pán): literally means “dish” and can be used for a plate of food

片  (piàn): things that are thin and may have an irregular shape

瓶  (píng): bottles of…

球  (qiú): scoops of…

双  (shuāng): items that normally come in pairs

碗  (wǎn): bowls of…

张  (zhāng): flat, rectangular objects


The measurement words are organized in three groups. If you are a teacher, feel free to choose the ones you would like to teach.


Use the “can-do” list to check if you learned this grammar.

Can-do checklist:

⃞    I can use measurement words correctly.

⃞    I can pronounce the measurement words.

⃞    I can understand the meanings of the measurement words.

⃞    I can write the measurement words in Chinese character/pinyin.

⃞    I can use the correct dining-related measurement word when I see a picture


Simplified Chinese Version



Traditional Chinese Version

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