Conjunction Sequencing Actions 先…再…

This is our third “conjunction” infographics. Why are conjunctions so important? Written language greatly benefit from conjunctions.

For example, let’s say you would like to write a story.

A beginner may be able to write it with a few individual sentences.

But advanced student can use “conjunctions” they have learned and connect those individual sentences and in the end, deliver a smooth and superior story.

I hope you find these conjunctions useful.

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那 (nà) in that case Grammar



This “Conjunction Sequencing Actions 先…再…” grammar is pretty simple. The sentence structure is

(First) + Action/Event 1 , (then, and then) + Action/Event 2


For instance,

你  先  做作业,再  去玩。

Nǐ xiān zuò zuo yè, zài qù wán.

You do homework first, then go play.


See the infographic for more examples.


Simplified Chinese Version



Traditional Chinese Version

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