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Common Email Vocabulary In Chinese

Here is another topic that almost all of us will encounter daily, and that is “email.”

We have included about 20 of the most common email-related vocabulary in this infographic.

They are,

邮箱  yóuxiāng Email

写信  xiě xìn Compose

收信  shōu xìn Get new messages

联系人/通讯录 liánxì rén/tōngxùn lù Contacts

收件箱  shōu jiàn xiāng Inbox

资料夹  zīliàojiá Folder

已发送  yǐ fāsòng Sent

垃圾箱  lèsè xiāng Junk

发送  fāsòng Send

存草稿  cún cǎogǎo Save draft

收件人  shōu jiàn rén To:

主题  zhǔtí Subject

附件  fùjiàn Attachment

正文/内容 zhèngwén/nèiróng Content

删除 shānchú Delete

转寄 zhuǎn jì Forward



Simplified Chinese Version



Traditional Chinese Version

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