Animal sounds in Chinese

Animal sounds in Chinese

It is funny to say this now, but it was a culture shock to me when I realized not all animals’ sounds are the same in different languages. An animal sound in one language can sound completely different in another language. It is a fun topic to learn! We have listed 12 animal sounds in this infographic along with their sounds in both Chinese and English. Animals include dog, cat, sheep, rooster, bird, cow, duck, pig, bee, frog and owl.


Animal Sounds 动物叫声  Dòngwù jiào shēng

狗 gǒu: woof 汪汪 wāng wāng

猫 māo: meow 喵喵 miāo miāo

羊 yáng: baa 咩咩 miē miē

鸡 jī: cock-a-doodle-doo 咕咕咕 gū gū gū

马 mǎ: neigh 嘶 sī

鸟 niǎo: chirp 啾啾 jiū jiū

牛 niú: moo 哞 mōu

鸭 yā: Quack 呱呱 guā guā

猪 zhū: oink 哼哼 hēng hēng

蜜蜂 mìfēng: buzz 嗡嗡 wēng wēng

青蛙 qīngwā: ribbit 蝈蝈 guō guō

猫头鹰 māotóuyīng: hoot 呜呜 wū wū

How about animal sounds in your language? Share with us by leaving comments below! 

Animal sounds in Chinese Infographic

Animal sounds in Chinese Infographic


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