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Creates Infographics for Learning Chinese

Infographics are an ideal learning tool -
they offer multimodal learning,
combining visual images and text.

Grammar infographics

Combine explanations of grammar with meaningful illustrations to help Chinese learners memorize points of grammar.  

Vocabulary infographics

Unlike a long list of the vocabulary, vocabulary infographics can tell stories. Stories make it easier for learners to remember the vocabulary. 

Culture infographics

Culture infographics can help learners to understand Chinese culture and history in a visual way.

Why should you use infographics 

as your learning/teaching tool? 


People remember

Grammar Infographics cover

Karen Chang

I fell in love with creating infographics in 2017. Since I was a high school Chinese teacher, I decided to make infographics to help people learn Chinese.

I travel a lot with my family. I believe it is good for the kids to experience different cultures.

I am a Christian. Loving people like Jesus does has been one of the main goals in my life.   

My husband and I homeschool our two boys. This learning style fits my family well since we travel a lot.