The Chinese AP Exam

When I was a high school Chinese teacher, one of the challenges I faced was how to prepare my students for the AP exam. They have so little time to learn a lot of information.

How can I help maximize their prep time?

One of the sections in Chinese AP exam is writing an essay. If a student studies Chinese well enough throughout high school, they should be able to write an “OK” essay. As a teacher, I wanted their essays to be more than just OK, I wanted their writing to really stand out.

To me, the key is in learning how to use conjunctions and Chinese idioms. Knowledge of idioms and how to use them is a sign of writing proficiency. That’s why I decided to make infographics for Chinese idioms. These can help students learn some common Chinese idioms centered around a common theme, or big picture.

Below are two infographics on Chinese idioms.

Weather-related Chinese idioms

Emotion-related Chinese idioms

I plan to make more in the future, so stay tuned…

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